Bain-Analyse zu “Change Management in Merger Integration”

Einleitung: Nicht alle Übernahmen und Fusionen liefern die erhofften Ergebnisse. Käufer erzielen zwar im Schnitt höhere Aktienrenditen, doch unzureichendes Veränderungsmanagement führt allzu oft zu Problemen bei der Integration. Laut Analysen der Management-Experten von Bain gehen erfolgreiche Führungskräfte diese Veränderungen systematisch an und setzen sie ganz oben auf ihre Prioritätenliste.

Autoren: Tobias Umbeck & Adrien Bron

Auszüge: „The value in mergers and acquisitions is undisputed. Bain & Company analysis of deals over an 11-year period has shown that as a group, companies that engaged in M&A activity averaged higher shareholder returns than inactive companies. But while they may have the best of intentions to use M&A to supplement their organic efforts, many executives get derailed in merger integration. Business leaders put people, culture, change management and communication as the top reasons for integration failure, yet few companies completely understand how to tackle those issues head-on.

That is one of the reasons why analysts often ask hard-nosed questions following a merger announcement. They know that executives still struggle with proactively managing the change that comes with an acquisition, and they want assurance that the company has a solid plan in place. In our experience, executives share a host of questions, too: What do I actually do to get started? What approaches and tools do I apply, and when? What matters most?

In many cases, there’s much talk about making people and change the top priority. Then reality kicks in, and the topic of change is no longer a priority or somehow feels less relevant. After all, management must deliver on the base business, align the strategies, put a new organization in place, and realize synergies—right away and all at once.“

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